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      2. 新闻资讯


        日期: 2022-02-14 13:11

        说到现在比较流行的触控一体机, 我想大家靠前时间会想到在银行的自动提款机,现在的这种ATM已经将触摸屏技术加了进去,人们不用再去按键进行选择了,方便了人们的操作以及加快了银行业 务的进行,但是这种触控一体机所含的高科技是远远大于这些的。可以说他是现在触屏版的一种升级。那么下面我们就来看一下触控一体机的工作原理是怎样的吧!

        Speaking of the more popular touch-in-one machine, I think you will think of ATM in the bank at the first time. Now this ATM has added touch-screen technology into it. People don't need to press buttons to choose, which facilitates people's operation and speeds up the banking business, but this touch-in-one machine has been added. The high technology involved is far greater than these. It can be said that he is now an upgrade of the touch screen version. So let's take a look at the working principle of the touch-control integrated machine.

        其实现在的触控一体机是在触屏化的基础上发展起来的,所以说有些原理其实是触屏软件的一种衍生,它所采用的是红外触屏技术,只要我们手一伸上去他就可以通 过热量来捕捉我们手的移动轨迹,在一体机的屏幕上密密麻麻的分布着X、Y的射线,他们综合交错让屏幕所到达的地方没有任何的死角存在。当然在他的内部会有 一个电路板,所有捕捉到的影像都会通过一个传输装置反馈到电路板,因此才能够完成所有的控制,可以说这是一种高科技的代表。

        In fact, the touch-screen integrated computer is developed on the basis of touch screen, so some principles are actually a derivation of touch screen software, which uses infrared touch screen technology. As long as we reach up, he can capture the movement track of our hands through heat, which is dense on the screen of the integrated computer. Distributed with X and Y rays, they interlace so that the screen reaches the place without any dead corners. Of course, there will be a circuit board inside him. All the captured images will be fed back to the circuit board through a transmission device, so that all the control can be completed. It can be said that this is a high-tech representative.